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Good advices for renting a cleaning machine

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Good Advices

Preservation of rental machines
Our cleaning machines for rent are all professional industrial machines. We do our best to keep our cleaning machines in excellent condition and to hand them over to you in good condition. In the spirit of all this, we ask you to help us keep our cleaning machines in good condition by using them carefully and as described in the user manual.
How to use the upholstery and carpet cleaning machine
  • Connect the suction pipe and the water supply pipe
  • Fill the rear water tank - with the water level between the MIN and MAX marks - with room temperature water and throw in a capsule.
  • Turn on the pump switch on the cleaner. Wait until the appliance produces sufficient pressure and temperature. Turn on the cleaning machine.
  • Perform the desired cleaning task. Please constantly monitor the water level in the rear tank. If necessary, fill up the tank again, for the missing amount of water.
  • Suck up any excess water left in the rear tank with the cleaning machine after work - only the vacuum cleaner switch should be on during this time.
  • Drain the contaminated water accumulated in the first tank after removing the tank to a suitable place (eg toilet).
  • Fill the rear tank with clean room temperature water and then empty it on in a suitable place (eg toilet) by turning on the pump switch, thus cleaning the machine
  • Finally, please allow the wet parts of the machine to dry before packing it
Take small breaks, take time to clean
All of our cleaning machines for rent are industrial in design and can withstand the load. However, like all the machines, these machines can overheat. They would appreciate it if they let them rest by inserting smaller breaks.
Ask our colleague if you experience a malfunction
If you find that your rental machine is not working properly or is malfunctioning, please contact us. Our colleagues are ready to help you!
Treatment of upholstery surfaces after machine cleaning
There is no need for further treatment of upholstery surfaces after deep cleaning with a cleaning machine.
Please allow sufficient time for the cleaned upholstery surfaces to dry.
Follow the machine's instruction manual
In all cases, we enclose a operation manual of the rented machines. Please follow the instructions when using our cleaning machines for safe operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which machine should I choose
It is a good idea to choose the most appropriate cleaning machine for the size and nature of your cleaning task.
This question is most often not as simple as it may seem at first.
That is why we recommend that you contact our colleagues!
What the carpet and / or upholstery cleaner is for
In addition to carpets, mainly for deep cleaning of upholstered furniture and home textiles.
Areas of application: (not exclusively, of course)
  • car upholstery
  • carpets
  • upholstered furniture
  • sofas
  • beds
  • mattresses
What can I use the pressure washer for?
In all places that can be cleaned with water, to remove stubborn dirt (oil, grease and paint stains).
Areas of application: (not exclusively, of course)
  • tiles
  • faucets
  • bathtubs
  • joints
  • cookers
  • windows
  • plastic door frames
What is included in the rent for the machine?
Unlimited use of the cleaning machine during the rental period (of course, observing the instructions and breaks in its instructions for use).
In addition, for most of our machine types, if necessary, we provide the first dose of auxiliary material (for example: dust bag, capsule).